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Buying or Selling in Apex? Work with a Local Apex Realtor

If you’re thinking of buying or selling a home in Apex, NC, you’ve probably started to think about choosing a real estate agent to represent you. But there are so many agents… how do you choose the right one? And just how important is it to work with a hyper-local agent?

Here are four benefits to working with a local Apex Realtor to buy or sell your home.

Local Agents Know Area Specifics

discussing details with an Apex local agent

Every real estate market is different. Even the homes and neighborhoods in Raleigh don’t follow the same trends as those in Apex or Cary. They’ve got different prices, different lifestyles, different residents—different buyers and sellers. And the only agent who’s truly going to know the specifics of a particular area is an agent who regularly works in that area.

For buyers: That means personalized recommendations for neighborhoods. It means tips on schools, grocery stores, parks, places to hang out. It means valuable insight into the real estate market—which homes are overpriced, which neighborhoods hold their values, which will fit your lifestyle best.

For sellers: That means pinpoint accuracy on home values and pricing. It means marketing targeted specifically for the buyers most likely to be interested in your home. It means communication with buyers agents working with clients in the area.

Local Agents Are More Available

meeting with a real estate agent

Need to schedule a showing this afternoon? An hour from now? Guess which agent is more likely to be able to make that happen: an agent based out of Apex (10 minutes from your home) or an agent based out of Wake Forest or Fayetteville (an hour away)?

For buyers: An agent based out of Apex is going to be around to show you homes in the area or maybe even drive by to vet them before you even schedule a showing.

For sellers: A local agent will be able to meet with you (in person) more often to help you with your staging, to discuss potential offers, or to arrange showings with potential buyers.

Local Agents Have Better Networks

agents discussing homes in Apex

A good local agent will have lots of connections in the area. That means with other agents, with local vendors like home inspectors or contractors, and even with other buyers and sellers. A lot of information is passed between real estate agents and other service people in the real estate market.

For buyers: This means the possibility of “advanced notice” when a hot home is about to be listed, so you can get a jump on the competition. It also means reliable recommendations for lenders, inspectors, legal teams and more.

For sellers: Local networks mean lots of person-to-person or word-of-mouth marketing.

Local Agents Know the Inside Scoop

agents being a part of the community

Is there a beautiful new subdivision about to break ground? Is WCPSS thinking of building a new school? Is there a law up for debate that might affect homeowners or property taxes? A local agent is going to know these little area happenings.

Not only do local agents make an effort to stay in the loop as professionals, but as members of the community, they also can’t help but hear the latest gossip—from neighbors, from friends at the grocery store, at PTA meetings… Nobody knows the inside scoop like somebody who lives in the area!

Looking for an Expert Local Apex Agent? Choose Gilliam & Associates

Are you thinking of buying or selling a home in Apex? Then it’s time to give Gilliam & Associates a call. We’re here to help you explore the area and find the perfect home… or maybe price your home correctly and list it with ease.

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