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Eye of a hurricane on the ocean.

An Easy Way to Help Out After Hurricane Florence

In the wake of Hurricane Florence (and now Hurricane Michael!) we want to check in with our friends and neighbors throughout North Carolina. Luckily for us in Raleigh and greater Wake County, Florence seems to have spared us.

However, many communities in our state are still reeling from the effects of this “once-in-a-lifetime” storm. In particular, our friends along the coast are hurting after losing power, having their homes majorly damaged in the storm, and dealing with flooded roads and infrastructure.

Here at Gilliam & Associates Realty, we are standing with our fellow North Carolinians devastated by the most recent bouts of flooding near the coast. To help, we’re launching a food drive campaign called “Stock the Shelves at Martha’s Mission Cupboard in Morehead City.”

How You Can Help

Canned food on shelves.We have a number of different drop off locations throughout Wake County. We’re collecting items through October 25th, in the hopes of assisting our coastal neighbors during this time of need.

Pro tip: if you haven’t already, you can donate the food and supplies you stocked up on in anticipation of the hurricane! Early predictions had it hitting Raleigh directly, but it veered off that predicted track at the last minute. Now is the perfect time to spread our good fortune (and our “hurricane snacks”) with those who need it most.

Supplies We Need

Many parts of the coast still lack power, and hundreds of families are in the process of cleaning up their homes post-flooding. As such, this is a brief list of things that are most needed:

  • Cleaning supplies like bleach, sanitizer, gloves, sponges, etc.
  • Ready-to-eat food,  canned food, and bottled water.
  • Non-perishable food like tuna fish, jerky, trail mix, peanut butter, and crackers
  • Monetary donations and gift cards to purchase more supplies
  • Batteries
  • Toiletries (especially women’s hygiene products)
  • Baby wipes, diapers, and formula

About Martha’s Mission

Martha’s Mission Cupboard is a non-profit, tax-exempt food pantry run by volunteers. Every month, they provide nutritious foods to about 300-350 families throughout Carteret County.

Their goal is to assist families during temporary financial crises, or while they await permanent assistance from the State or Federal government. They accept donations throughout the year, but especially so during national disasters like Florence as well as the holiday seasons.

Help Us Give Back

As North Carolinians, we have a common bond. Let’s do our part to help our coastal neighbors during this trying time. If you have the resources, please consider dropping off a food or supplies donation at one of our many drop-off points.

Have any other questions about the best ways to give back? Give us a call today!


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