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Selling Your Home During the Holiday Season? Check Out These Helpful Tips

Are you selling your home during the holidays and looking for some tips and tricks? There are tons of ways to spice up your place for potential buyers during the winter season, and we’ve provided a quick rundown for all your selling needs.

Take advantage of the serious buyers and smaller market during the holidays, and get your house ready to impress!

Scrub the Halls

A woman folding laundry.Before you pullout the tinsel and garland, make sure you dust off the mantlepiece. One of the most important parts of preparing your house for sale is making sure its spic and span. Buyers can be potentially turned off by even the smallest of messes, from smudged windows to cluttered counters.

If you’re really looking to impress buyers, turn it up a notch! Wax the hardwood floors, polish the door and cabinet handles, and shampoo the carpets. If you really make your home shine, it’ll stand out to even more to potential buyers.

Deck the Halls

A collection of holiday decorations.Once your home is sparkling from floor to ceiling, it’s time to bring out the decorations. Selling your home during the holidays gives you a unique opportunity to reel in buyers by tapping into their seasonal cheer. Put up some lights outside of your home, hang a wreath on the front of your door, and make your home feel cozy amidst the chilly winter weather outside.

Don’t forget to keep your sidewalk shoveled and salted so buyers don’t have to tiptoe through the slush to get to your welcoming front door. While it’s easy to make your home feel festive, make sure you don’t cross the line from tasteful to tacky.

Keep it Tasteful

Ornaments filled with silver, gold, and red sparkles.Above all, just keep it simple and tasteful. Maybe leave the giant blow up yard decorations and glowing signs in the attic this year, and instead replace them with a simple and minimalistic approach. It’s helpful if you find a cohesive color scheme to apply throughout your home. Try emulating the warm red, orange, and brown of a cozy fireplace or the classy silver, gold, and red of some tasteful garland.

It’s easier for buyers to imagine themselves living in your home if the decorations aren’t too personal. So while wreath and some candles are perfect for making buyers feel at home, stockings with your names on them might be a little off-putting. When in doubt, less is more.

Set the Mood

A beautiful fireplace.Have you ever heard the easiest tip for making your home more impressive to buyers? Throw some cookies in the oven and have them baking during a showing, and buyers can’t help but feel at home! Smell plays a surprisingly crucial role in making an impression on buyers, so whether you put some holiday treats in the over or light a seasonal candle, make sure your home has a distinct — but not overpowering — scent.

Take advantage of the hours of darkness and colder weather by filling your home with warm lighting. Light the fireplace, turn on some lamps, and transform your home into a safe hideaway from winter weather. It’ll make buyers feel cozy, comfortable, and at home.

List Your Home with Gilliam & Associates

If you’re selling your home this holiday season, let the team at Gilliam & Associates help you throughout the process! From recommending minor repairs to helping you stage your home for selling, our team has got your back.

Meet our team and let us know what questions you have about listing your home with us. We can’t wait to make your real estate journey a success!

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